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“It is good to realize that if love and peace can prevail on earth, and if we can teach our children to honor nature’s gifts, the joys and beauties of the outdoors will be here forever.”

Jimmy Carter

Paddleboarding tips and advice for beginners

Rafting In The Grand Canyon Done Right

Rafting In The Grand Canyon Like A Rock Star

Have you been on a rafting trip only to find yourself feeling a lack of enjoyment after. You may be a thrill seeker but the trips you have gone on in the past may not have lived up to your expectations. If this sounds like a recurring theme for some of the previous outdoor adventures you have been on then it is great that you found our company that provides you with rafting in the Grand Canyon. There are many people who prefer the trips we have to offer over anyone else.

Whitewater rafting

There is so much to do in life and so little time to do it in. If there is one thing that is certain it is the fact that you should take advantage of every opportunity available and get the most out of each and every experience. When you participate in an activity such as river rafting you want to make sure you get the most bang for your buck and that you are satisfied with the experience. Lucky for you we know how to ensure you will be pleased with a rafting trip and can help you enjoy it on a budget.

The instructors available know how to accommodate to people of all ages and character types. Whether you are an adventurer who has gone on many trips before or a beginner who is just beginning to explore the adventurous side of life, they understand how to communicate with you to help you feel comfortable. The great thing about river rafting in the Grand Canyon is the fact that you will be able to take pictures and videos through the experience to take back with you and reflect on for the rest of your life.

Feel free to book a trip whenever you would like. Just make sure that you do not wait until the last minute to book a trip that you have been planning for several months. We get booked quite fast, especially during the peek times of the year to travel to the Grand Canyon. If you do not want to be left out of a trip then it would be best to contact us at your earliest convenience so that we can let you know what type of river rafting trips we have available.

All you have to do is book your river rafting trip and we will take it from there. Our instructors will help you understand how to practice caution and safety when on your raft, and be there every step of the way to provide you with protection. Just make sure you listen to everything your instructor says as they are very knowledgeable with how to keep people safe. Now that you know of a great place to book a river rafting trip it is time to get on one of your own. Book your next adventure there and make it one that you will remember and appreciate for the rest of your life.


Camping Tips To Help Make For A Great Trip

Camping is a great choice for your next vacation if you want to really enjoy yourself. To get the most from your next camping trip, check out the tips in the following article. You will find awesome tips to use on your camping by a lake and why everyone should try it. Dos and don’ts for lake camping is virtually the same with all other types of camping. The only and greatest difference is that this time, you’re camping near a body of water, which has its own share of pros and cons.

More Marine Activities to Enjoy

Naturally, lake camping means you get to enjoy more water-based activities. It would be a huge waste if you didn’t take advantage of your lakeside camping site so consider purchasing or, at the very least, renting out the necessary gear and equipment for fishing, boating, surfing, swimming, and kayaking.

Finding the Ideal Site

Local weather reports will let you know if you have to worry about high and low tides and what type of areas would make an ideal campsite. That aside, other rules still apply: look for an elevated and even surfaced area to set up camp, observe rules and regulations, and so forth.

Protect Yourself from Danger

In many ways, lake camping – and all other types of camping for that matter – is an opportunity to put your survival skills to the test. Modern amenities are available at a vastly limited basis which consequently requires you to depend on your own skills and effort to make do with resources at hand. For starters, you should always have a first aid kit specifically packed for outdoor use. A basic kit would include the usual supplies – medical tape, gauzes, and other types of bandages, cotton swabs, surgical scissors, tweezers and other medical tools, calamine lotion for insect and bug bites, treatment for burns, diarrhea, colds, and headaches, and the usual range of OTC medications.Now that you’ve addressed all possible medical risks, you should work on packing a survival kit next. This should include a mirror, which you can use to signal help and detect the presence of wild animals, multipurpose knives, flashlight and spare batteries, waterproof matches and a fire starter kit, a compass, ropes and wires, and every kind of map that you may need.

Get Comfortable

There are three ways to ensure maximum comfort during lake camping trips. In terms of sleeping accommodations, you should always look for tents that can comfortably accommodate the size of your group. Look for tents that are also easy and quick to set up – even if you’re on your own – as well as those designed with high-quality and weatherproof materials. Always set up your shelter before the sky turns dark. If its sundown, it might be too late for you to finish your shelter before dark. Setting up camp is much easier when it is daylight. Prior to heading out, be sure you are aware of the forecast for your destination. Some websites will tell you what the weather is usually like during the time you’ll be going. This way you will know what type of clothing to pack and the equipment you need.

Paddleboarding: A Water Sport Made Only For Fun

What Is Paddleboarding?


The latest big thing when it comes to water-sports is the incredibly fun activity of stand up paddleboarding. Stand up paddleboarding is a great leisure activity that provides a great workout for its participants. It entails that you stand upright on an oversized surfboard and use a long paddle to move through the water. While technically a form of surfing, it has become incredibly popular on all bodies of water, such as lakes, rivers and even harbors – anywhere there is calm flatwater. This allows people to get a great workout using beginners guide to standup paddleboarding staying dry.

Thanks to stand up paddleboards, and especially the travel ready inflatable SUPs, this form of surfing has become incredibly popular around the world, since you now no longer have to be on a coast in order to enjoy surfing. Stand up paddleboards have been great for extending the popularity of water-sports since they also eliminate a lot of concerns people who live near colder waters have. With a stand up paddleboard, it is possible to enjoy surfing and have an active lifestyle on the water without the need to wear a wetsuit or a dry suit, since it is possible to not only stay warm on a SUP, but dry as well.

Dress Properly For Your Climate


It is still recommended that if you are going to be active in colder waters that you wear a wetsuit or a dry suit to help defend against hypothermia, but it is very possible with the proper training, and if you are on calmer waters, to surf on your stand up paddleboard or inflatable SUP while staying dry from your knees up. This is because a stand up paddleboard is wider and more stable than a traditional surfboard, they also are thicker which gives them much better buoyancy than a surfboard, so you will stay above the water. It isn’t uncommon to see people out on the water while wearing a sweatshirt and shorts and emerging from the water completely dry except for their feet.

Dress for Your Planned Activity


If you are planning on using your Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board to go surfing on the waves, you will have a much harder time staying dry. This is because you will be out in the waves, and you will also have to paddle through the whitewater in order to get out to the flat water where you can catch a wave. If you are doing this in cold water, you will certainly need to wear a wetsuit or a dry suit in order to prevent hypothermia from setting in, but in a warmer climate that is ideal for surfing, then shorts and sunscreen will be all the protection you will need.

While determining where you will be using your hardshell or inflatable SUP will determine what clothing is suitable for you, it will also effect what style of paddleboard you have. If you are planning on calmer waters, such as still rivers, lakes or other such waters, then a smaller stand up paddleboard that provides you with higher maneuverability is a better option than a hardshell.


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